Monday, June 23, 2008

Recent Work

This is my latest work, a commission, titled Reach Around. This is a departure from my previous portfolio discussed in the blog. However, Reach Around is a lot closer to what my sketches have long looked like. For about five years I have been battling with a way to combine abstraction and figures in a pleasing yet thoughtful manner. My recent digital collages have inspired me to peruse this style. Where I've always seen the need of struggle, in order to bring my initial drawings to a "higher" form.

These collages are created using impulses that deny me the fear of failure, which I hope keep them fresh and interesting. The friend whom this collage, This Is Only A Censorship, was created for helped me peruse regain motivation. I trust his opinion, as he knows most everything about art, and with some kind words he suggested I continue on this path.
The inspiration for me came from a very unexpected place. Growing up in Massachusetts, the artifacts have always been available to me. The Museum of Fine Art in Boston is filled almost entirely with ancient artifacts and documents. Unfortunately this created a disregard for its value. That is until I saw the many Rubin Museum posters lining the New York transit. I think it was seeing the works out of their given place. Out from their archetypal residence, the images took on a new meaning. On visiting the Rubin, I could really see the way these many artists depicted the stories within an abstracted space provided a lot of answers to the doubt I felt in my own art. Suddenly it became obvious that I could use my narrative nature to compose a painting that had no boundaries--That is to say, I could provide as much or as little information in each piece, disregarding modern story telling.
Now I will be working on few pieces that touch upon collage, narration, and my history.

Chinnamasta, the Severed Head Goddess

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Blogger Gavin Mevius said...

A friend of mine works at the Rubin, it's a very beautiful place.

July 24, 2008 at 7:24 PM  

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