Friday, August 28, 2009

I hate the word blog.

These are some of the blogs that keep me coming back, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Book Jones is a blog written by a brilliant woman who goes by Kat. She is fun, witty, and intensely herself--a trait all should be jealous of. (She probably would not like that I ended this sentence in a preposition.)

Joanne Mettera is an artist who works in encaustic and fancies geometric forms in art, life, and surroundings. She has a great mind for business and marketing, something most artists lack, but she also has a great spirit for art and life.

Kelly Murphy is an illustrator and teacher with a Woody Allen type of humor. Sometimes inane, sometimes brought on by anxiety, but always endearing and fun.

Thom Wong is fashion. His blog is a tremendous source of inspiration when your wardrobe gets drab. He got me into bow-ties, and even taught me how to tie them--not in person, via his blog.

Anthony Sandoval is a bendy boy made for fashion and cameras. His expertise in the matter makes his posts fun and informative. He just started a marketing company in fashion which I am sure will explode any day.

Cole Escola has a show on Logo Channel now, but I've been watching him and Jeffrey on Youtube for over a year now. He does a great Bernadette Peters impression, he also has a wonderful sense of humor that makes every post all too short.

East Village Boys appeals to me because I am a giant faggot who likes looking at scantily clad boys. Who doesn't? This blogsite also has writing on music, fashion, and art--but I don't read the articles in Playboy, and I don't read the interviews near naked boy pictures.

Fail Blog, because who doesn't love a good fail?


Blogger Erik Lomen said...

Hey Brad. I really dug your work and show this evening, thanks for the props on my I'd love to talk painting sometime if your around the area. Give me a

March 22, 2010 at 8:38 PM  

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